1901 Townland CD >>BUY NOW AT REDUCED PRICE!Censuses were taken in Ireland regularly every ten years from 1821.

  • The 1851 General Alphabetical Index to Townlands, based on material from the 1851 census, was the first published systematic overview of place names in Ireland.
  • The 1871 General Alphabetical Index to Townlands was also published but is rare and locating an original copy is virtually impossible.
  • The 1901 Census was taken on 31 March 1901 and the General Index to the Topographical Divisions of Ireland, commonly known as “The Townland Index” was produced while the census was being taken and published as a book in 1904.

Unlike its predecessor, the 1851 Census, the 1901 has not been readily available until recently. Now, for the first time the 1901 Townland Index is available as a digital, fully searchable database. This enables searches by any of the following fields: County | Townland | Sheet Number Ordnance Survey Map and Area | Barony | Parish | District Electoral Division | Poor Law Unions | District Electoral Divisions | Dispensary (or Registrars) Districts | County Electoral Divisions. Note that individuals are not named, but this CD it is a vital tool in identifying Irish placenames from across the 19th century.

Full explanation of these divisions are explained on the CD

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