Perry McIntyreDr Perry McIntyre is a fifth generation Australian who has been involved in Irish history and genealogy since the late 1970s. Perry taught high school science before changing her career path to history. She has completed an MLitt in history at UNE and in September 2006 she was awarded her PhD on an emigration topic whereby free wives and families were given assisted passages to Australia to join their convict
  Dr Liz RushenDr Liz Rushen was awarded her PhD from Monash University, Victoria, in 1999. Her thesis explored the work undertaken by the London Emigration Committee and the lives of nearly 3000 women who migrated to the Australian colonies from Great Britain and Ireland. Her book Single & Free: female migration to Australia 1833-1837 (2003) details the lives of these enterprising women, explores their motivations and experiences in starting a new life in the colonies – for more details see & Perry have combined to write three books on migration to Australia in the 1830s: Quarantined! The 1837 Lady Macnaghten immigrants (2007), The Merchant’s Women (2008) and Fair Game: Australia’s first immigrant women (2010) and the more recent Colonial Duchesses (2014) written by Liz – all published by Anchor Books Australia -see for full details and how to order.
  Dr Richard ReidDr Richard Reid is an Irish-Australian, born on the Atlantic coast of Antrim, and currently working in Canberra as a historian for the Federal Government. Educated in Ireland at the university which sent a host of its graduates to 19th century Australia – Trinity College, Dublin – Richard emigrated willingly to New South Wales in 1972 and taught high school in Wollongong until 1983.From 1997-2014, Richard worked as the Historian at the Commemorations Branch, Department of Veterans’ Affairs where he has authored websites and numerous publications on the topic of Australians at war. Since 1984, when he led SAG’s first tour of Ireland, Richard has done much to bring the Irish-Australian story to a wide audience. In 2011 he curated the highly successful, ‘Not Just Ned’ exhibition of the Irish in Australia at the National Museum in Canberra. Among his publications are The Irish Australians (1984), co-edited with Keith Johnson, and A decent set of girls: The Irish Famine Orphans of the Thomas Arbuthnot, 1849-1850 (1997) co-written with Cheryl Mongan and recently, Farewell My Children, the overview history of Irish Immigration in the 19th century which was the study undertaken for his PhD at ANU. See for details.